Cretan hospitality

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Cretan hospitality is widely known and one of the reasons people find Crete so interesting and a place that they will have fun for sure!

Cretan people love to have fiestas, drink alcohol and eat traditional food. Each summer hundreds of traditional fiestas take place everywhere around the island where people have fun, eat cretan “pilafi” and other delicacies, get drunk and of course dance all night listening to bands playing cretan folklore music! Of course all tourists are welcomed to join the fiestas and get a “taste” of what being a cretan really means.

But cretan people are very friendly as well in their properties! They easily invite you to their houses for a raki (traditional strong drink) or in their gardens to give you fresh oranges, tomatoes or whatever they have! Cretan people are givers and they smile a lot, for them it’s an insult if you refuse their treat!

Cretan taverns and restaurants also have a treat for all their clients. When you ask to pay the bill, they always offer you free raki and a sweet treat like ice cream, cake of fresh fruits!

As you can understand, holidays in Crete is something more than just a trip for foreigners. Beyond the amazing scenery, the magical beaches, the luxury hotels, the sun and the fish taverns, you discover the unique cretan spirit!

Enjoy your holidays in Mystical Crete!

cretan treat "kalitsounia"

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