Frequently Asked Questions

Know everything you need now!

1. When do I have a booking?

If you correctly fill the booking form of the tour you want, we will send you an e-ticket. Pick up time, pick up point and total price will be on the eticket. If you answer back and confirm then you have a booking!

2. When do I get my e-ticket?

E-tickets are sent after you correctly fill out the booking form. First you receive a booking response so you can check it and later on you receive your e-ticket! When you receive your e-ticket you must confirm you got it by answering back to our email! If you book 1 day before the tour you may get your e-ticket by 21:00.

3. How do I pay?

If you made an online booking and have an e-ticket then you will pay on the bus in cash the day of the tour. Clients who visit our offices (Kolymbari, Maleme, Agia Marina) can buy their tickets by cash or card.

4. Where do you pick me up from?

Usually we pick you up from in front of your hotel if it is located on the principal road where all buses come from and to Chania. If your hotel is not on the main road we set a pickup point on a recognizable point on the principal road close to your hotel. Pickup point will be written on your e-ticket. There is a list of central pickup points here!

5. What if my bus is late?

Please do not panic! In high season Cretan roads are packed so a bus delay is very common. Please wait at your pickup point. In case we cannot find you WE will call you.

6. How do I know which days you do each tour?

When you choose a tour from the tours section you can see which days it runs. The program can change from low to high season.

7. Which tours must be booked in advance?

In high season (June to September) all tours should be booked in advance! But the tour to Santorini must be booked in advance anyway, in any season, especially if you want to join the polish group since we offer the best price in Chania! Also all private tours should be scheduled earlier! For last-minute bookings we do our best!!

10. What is the difference between the every day Elafonisi tour and Polish English guide Elafonisi tour?

The everyday tour has 3 stops and less time on the beach. There is 1 extra stop on the way back either to Elos traditional village or to Amygdalokefali. There is also a small pickup time difference and guiding is only in English. Elafonisi tour Polish English guide does 2 stops, stays 4 hours at the beach, runs every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, has Polish & English guiding and is also available from Rethymnon up to Chania area!

11. What is the difference between Samaria tour HAPPY HOUR and the everyday EARLY MORNING Samaria tour?

HAPPY HOUR Samaria gorge tour starts more than 1 hour later than the other, runs every Wednesday and Friday and we are the only agency in Chania offering this tour! The everyday EARLY MORNING tour is sold from all agencies in Chania area. Both tours have the same program but different pickup time.

12. When is a tour cancelled?

A tour is rarely canceled when there are not enough bookings (that we know 1 day before the tour) and could happen during the low season (early May or end of October) or when it is very bad weather. Samaria gorge is officially closed when it is raining, when it’s too windy or when the temperature is high (4th level of fire danger). When it is too windy the boat of Cretan Daily Cruises does not sail to Balos and Gramvousa as well.

13. What if I want to cancel my booking?

If you want to cancel a booking you should inform us the soonest so we can sell your seats to other clients!

14. If I cancel my booking but already paid for the tour do I get a refund?

Cancellations of bookings must be made 24 hours before the tour if you want to get a refund, if not, there is no refund.

15. If I have a booking and my hotel is changed what do I do?

You just send us an email to inform us about the change and then we will send you a new e-ticket with a new pick-up point and time!

17. Am I safe from covid-19 in your buses?

In our buses we follow the protocol against COVID-19. Feel safe to join our tours!

18. Rent a car service is offered from which age and over?

Mystical Crete Tours provides car rental services available for people over 21 y.o. that own a valid driving license.

19. How can I contact you with questions?

We believe all possible questions are answered online from each tour’s information section or here on the FAQs! So please take a look at our website first! If you still want to contact us you can email at: [email protected] or send us a message on facebook